Monday, September 27, 2010


Ryno and I road-tripped out of Austin for the first time this weekend to the great city up North otherwise known as Dallas. We loaded a small bag and Elton into the car Friday night and drove straight to Dallas. Until this weekend we had only left the city via the airport, so it was exciting to be able to take Elton along and see more of the city as we drove North. It was a good little road-trip filled with stadium lights from all the high school football games being played along the way. 

We were so excited to go visit our friends from school who moved to Dallas this summer. We all had such a good time catching-up and trying some new dinner spots together.  Sara and I were able to visit the Paper-Source while the boys had their own side project for Ryno's work.  We had a good time looking through all the new Halloween product, and I bought a few new stamps that are so adorable! 

We are hoping that they will be able to come to visit Austin soon.  The weather has cooled off this week,  and we have so many great outdoor spots to share!

Dallas skyline by David Herrera

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