Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I've made it longer than I expected without sharing a story about Elton, our adorable boston terrier.  However, today that streak ends. Elton and I were out walking this afternoon, and I provided him with lots of slack on the leash so he could explore. He has developed a new interest in squirrels and today he half-heartedly ran after one. Of course, the squirrel immediately dashed up a tree and since Elton was not able to figure out where it went I tried to continue on with our walk. At this point Elton wraps the lead around a tree. Lately, I have invested a lot of effort in trying to show him how to detangle himself from trees, sign posts and table legs without much luck. I thought it would be an easy task this time considering he wasn't even actually wrapped completely around the tree; the tree was just in between him and me.  So I move off the path and to the side of the tree I need him to walk towards.  As I call him he just continues the wrong direction, leaving me out in the woods with the same problem. I give up and walk back out on the path to him so that we are free of the tree and may continue the walk.  Then I look over at Elton trotting along next to me and realize he has just trained me.

Since I am on the subject, I thought today would be a good day for a top five.  My top five reasons I love having a boston terrier named Elton.

1. He has the best mannerisms and expressions.  He tilts his head when he doesn't know what you are    
    saying and he sticks his tongue out when he yawns, just to name a couple.
2. Playing frisbee with him is a keep away game that he always wins.
3. He has a hilarious love/hate relationship with water, but he is an excellent swimmer when he does
    jump in.
4. He is my excuse for buying everything with a Boston Terrier on it, especially clothing!
5. He has earned his nickname "Tiny Dancer."

1. Elton yawning

2. Elton playing keep away

3. Elton debating jumping in his pool

4. Elton with me in boston terrier dress

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