Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Moving to Austin made me very aware of something I never thought a lot about... I don't have any tattoos. I seriously did consider getting a tattoo in high school, but my parents made it clear they strongly disapproved of the idea.  Then by the time I got to college I had generally given up on the thought.  I no longer just wanted a tattoo of anything, and I didn't have something in mind that I wanted permanently attached to me.  Being an artist I really admire great tattoos, and lately I have contemplated what I would want if I did ever make the leap and get a tattoo.  So here is my top five list of tattoos I would want or just greatly admire.

1.  Something simple like a star on my wrist
2.  Something vintage like a bike
3.  Something useful like a ruler
4.  Something sweet like birds on a wire or Ryno's name in a heart
5.  Something adorable like Elton's cute boston terrier face

1. Photo by Hillary the Mammal 

2. Photo by Ramsey everydaypants
 3. Photo by jedward

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