Friday, November 19, 2010

Middle Distance Runner - Sea Wolf

While I was away last week, Ryno was sending me little notes through text. One of the notes included a few lines from the lyrics of Middle Distance Runner by Sea Wolf. I found them incredibly sweet and made me miss him even more. The funny thing about it was that I received his note just after hearing the song myself, so the timing couldn't have been more perfect.

I thought it would be a great song to welcome the weekend. I know I will be listening to it a lot this weekend, since it has become my current favorite. Also, I found this video on Vimeo. It belongs to Hard to Find a Friend and is part of their Backstage Sessions. I definitely recommend checking their videos out; they have some great performances in their collection that I will probably share in future posts.

Backstage Sessions : Sea Wolf - Middle Distance Runner from Hard to Find a Friend on Vimeo.

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