Monday, December 20, 2010

Flirtation Survey

Maybe it is all the time I am spending on the computer online shopping (or avoiding it) that has sparked my interest in online quizzes, but whatever it is I can't get enough of them. First my sister sent me a link to a quiz called "Which Jane Austen Character Are You?" and now Ryno sent me a quiz from The University of Kansas that assesses your flirtation style. So if you guys want to join in, I thought they were both entertaining. Fair warning though, the Jane Austen quiz takes awhile. However, it was totally worth it. I scored as Elizabeth Bennet, my all time favorite character! And as for my flirt style I scored highest in the Sincere category with an 80-90%.

Also, last night Ryno and I went on a little date to see Tangled, the Disney Rapunzel story. It was so great! I agree with the critics that it doesn't touch some of the classics, but it's definitely the best in years. I love a good Disney princess story, and the imagery was beautiful!

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