Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hiking & Biking

After the Friday snow everything turned sunny and gorgeous. The weather all weekend was 60s and 70s. Ryno, Elton and I took full advantage of the brief but beautiful weather. We spent Saturday hiking and biking at Zilker Park. Then Sunday we spoiled Elton and took him to two different dog parks. In the morning he was able to play with his other Boston Terrier friends, and in the afternoon we took him to Riverside to work on his off leash skills. He did a great job off leash; he listened really well. It was a big moment for us, because the first time we took him to Riverside Ryno and I spent the entire time chasing after him.

Here are some photos I snapped on my android phone of our weekend.

Elton leaning over the edge of the bridge.
He was so intrigued by the water below.
Ryno riding under MoPac on the pedestrian bridge.
This bridge runs underneath the interstate.

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