Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Elton's Vacation

Yesterday I was pretty under the weather. I had a high fever Sunday night into Monday afternoon, so I had to stay home from work and missed spending time with our families yesterday. However, one member of our little family is staying very busy this week. I decided that this week is Elton's vacation.

We work so hard to make up for no longer having a yard, but when we took Elton to the lake house, where Ryno's family is staying, it was fairly obvious how much he has missed a large span of grass all to himself. Of course, this particular location also has a little more than just a lawn. He also has access to the lake, a large porch set over the lake, lots of sticks, another patio and the most important part which is dogs next door! My favorite story Ryno has shared about Elton's adventures at the lake happened today. Apparently, one of the dogs next door dove into the lake to get around the fence between he and Elton. When he showed up on the same side of the fence Elton dashed out to greet him and did so enthusiastically that the dog quickly retreated, swimming back to his yard.

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