Friday, March 25, 2011

The Great Northwest

As promised here are a few more things Ryno and I did while in Seattle. Our day flying solo was pretty action-packed. We referenced the recommendations from the guide book and checked out some must-see lists online. Our greatest challenge was deciding between the aquarium and the zoo. In the end we decided on the aquarium, since it was a walkable distance from our hotel. Once that decision was made we were able to start our day. We walked down 5th street to M.O.D Pizza for lunch then did a little shopping out of necessity. I didn't bring gloves, and my coat doesn't have pockets. Fortunately, I found some warm mittens in a shop on our way to the aquarium. Ryno and I LOVE aquariums. We seek them out in every city we visit, and we can spend hours walking around them. Seattle's aquarium was a lot of fun. They have a great outdoor exhibit for the otters and seals. Also, the aquarium is built over the water, so there are lookout points for whale watching. We didn't see any whales, but it was still amazing to know it's possible.
The view from our room
(Seattle Public Library)

Cherry blossom trees

After the aquarium we headed to the Space Needle. We were both a bit skeptical of the Space Needle at first, and almost skipped it because it was a bit cloudy. I'm so glad we went though, because it was so great once we went up! First, it only takes 40 seconds in an elevator to get to the top. Also, from the top you can see the downtown, the lake from Sleepless In Seattle, University of Washington Campus and Puget Sound. We decided to spend a good amount of time there enjoying the view from inside the Space Needle and outside at the lookout points. I took a lot of photos, unfortunately very few came out well so I am sharing the best we have. From the Space Needle we walked back to our hotel. As we were walking up we realized we had wanted to pick up some Seattle Seahawks gear for our friends. The only place we could find that definitely sold sportswear was across from the stadium. We didn't have much time before they closed, so we practically ran to the stadium. That part of town was pretty quiet at 6pm on a Monday, but it was so fun to take Ryno's photo in front of the stadiums and to see them in person. Also, I really enjoyed the shopping part, and I bought myself a Seahawks shirt. It is super comfy, which I love! We hiked back to the hotel and started packing so we could leave first thing in the morning. Then Tuesday we flew home. It was such a fun vacation for us. Having the chance to see friends and visit somewhere new is such a treat for us!

Doughnut break

the space needle

Ryno and me at the space needle

Ryno at the space needle

from the space needle

from the space needle

Walking thru the historic district on our way to the stadiums

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