Friday, March 4, 2011


This weekend is going to be such a treat! For the first time since our wedding my parents and Ryno's parents will be together and in Austin. It seems strange that it hasn't happened before now, since we are about to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. And it seems even more bizarre that this was just a chance occurrence due to a wedding falling on the same weekend as Ryno's little brother's spring break. Either way, we are excited that we will be able to have a few large family dinners and just have everyone in one place (except for Jess, who is busy finishing up publishing her doctorate).
Ryno's dad and my dad at our wedding

Our first official family dinner at our wedding...
sadly this is the only photo I have of it

So to kick off this weekend I thought I would introduce an artist I plan to play on repeat for awhile. Her music makes me feel like I'm driving through the country surrounded by lovely warm breezes and sunshine. Have you already heard of Lissie?

I wish you all a happy weekend and hope that it is filled with your loved ones too!

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