Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hello Summer!

It seems as though spring lasted only a few weeks, and that summer is already here. The weekend was warm, and everyone seemed to be outside. Which is exactly where we spent our entire weekend. First we took Elton to see his girlfriend at the dog park. They are so cute, and they seem to only want to play together. She is so much faster than him, so in these photos he had given up on getting the stick back from her.
Elton is on the ground to the right

After the dog park, we rode our bikes from our place to Zilker Park. Barton Springs Pool was packed with people enjoying the sun from the lawn. Only a few brave people were diving into the 60 degree spring. Still it was beautiful, and the spring looked picturesque. We continued on until we reached Sno-Beach, my favorite sno cone stand. We all grabbed a sno cone to cool down before riding home. It was a lot of fun to bike around our neighborhood!
barton springs pool

All photos from my Android phone

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