Friday, April 1, 2011


I am trying to get back to sharing music on Fridays. It is personally the day I look forward to most here, because I love finding new music I love. I'm reading a book, which I will go more into next week after I finish it, but it's made me realize that I love music. I knew this before actually, but hearing that other people don't think much about music makes me realize how much I do think about it. Also, I really depend on music to brighten my day at times or to stir up a lovely memory. For some reason, the Spring/Summer seasons are my favorite time to find new music. I think a lot of it relates to summer break from school. Driving around listening to music with my windows down during the summer was always one of my favorite things to do with the endless free time I had when school was out.

I recently signed up to receive NPR's Song of the Day emails and that is where I found Minks. They are a Brooklyn based rock band. You can read NPR's review of their album By The Hedge or check out their MySpace page. I chose to share their video Funeral Song directed by Lance Drake.

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