Thursday, April 7, 2011

the ride

Well last night was the social bike ride for beginners. Unfortunately, we missed it due to my beginner status. I wasn't able to ride fast enough to make it to the meeting spot on time. We actually just missed them and could have caught up had the 45 minute ride over there not worn me down. So instead we road back the way we came with one pit-stop at El Chilito (I love their watermelon fresca). I suspect it may take me awhile to be capable of doing the social rides, unless we start driving to them, which may defeat the point... Either way it was fun to see some of Eastside that we have never seen, and I hope we bike more frequently now that I am getting comfortable with my bike. For now I finally have some photos of my bike to share. Also, while we were at El Chilito the social ride passed by, so I took some photos of it too. Ryno said Thursdays ride has about four times as many people, but still it's fun to see a pack of people biking!

photos taken on my Android phone

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