Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Skies of Blue

The weekend started with beautiful weather. I left work Friday and picked up Ryno for lunch. While I waited for him, I snapped some photos of the blue sky. We had a fun lunch outside on a patio enjoying the breeze.

Then Saturday night we met Ryno's brother at Hopdoddy on South Congress. We love the variety of burger options they offer, and I personally love the chili cheese fries! We thought it would be busy on SoCo as it was Saturday, but we didn't realize it would be standstill traffic due to a car show that was being held this weekend. All of the vintage cars were cruising the SoCo strip, or trying to at least. It was more of a slow crawl. Once we found parking, it was fun to walk past all the cars displayed for people passing by. It was a fun place to people watch; we even spotted a guy flipping burgers on grill set on the back of his car.

The crowd on SoCo

We wrapped up the weekend with a movie, specifically Rango, and we also took Elton to his Boston Terrier play group. I love Elton's play group probably as much as he does. He loves being chased by the other bostons...a pack is best if at all possible. And I love meeting all of the other bostons, which is bound to happen because they all love to run around greeting everyone.

Elton is the one being chased and bounding in the air like a rabbit

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