Thursday, May 19, 2011


While I was in Vancouver, I couldn't resist picking up a few small souvenirs. Whenever I go on a trip like this for work I like to buy a small token to remind me of that particular trip. So my big purchase was a ceramic vase from dahlhaus. I love it so much for the simplicity of the shape paired with the fun pop of lime green. I chose green from all the possible colors, because one of the things I loved most about Vancouver was how green everything was from all the rain. While Austin is pretty green for Texas, it doesn't stand a chance next to Vancouver. Also, I bought a few letterpress blocks. The store was called Urban Source on Main Street, and the selection was small so I bought the ones that held the most interest to me. I love how the number 4 block has a notch cut out of it!

It's rainy here, really just a drizzle. However, we will take what we can get. It's great to have a little rain for once. Happy Thursday!

ps- We loved Bridesmaids. We had such a fun time and the movie was hilarious!

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