Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I love a good Idiom

Sorry I missed yesterday's post. When I got home from work I was feeling a bit under the weather. I ended up on the couch watching Shrek 2 and giggling along most of the night. Ryno always humors me with my animated movie obsession. I am a sucker for a funny animated movie. I especially love the ones like Shrek and the Toy Story series, because they add in humor just for the adults.

Something I thought of while writing the above is how much I enjoy a good idiom. I find them fascinating. I used under the weather, and it reminded me of how I spent a few summer nights in college hanging out with friends and looking up the meanings behind every idiom and phrase we could find. The history behind coined phrases or idioms is so interesting to me. For example, under the weather is thought to have come from a time when sailors would be sent below the ship's deck to fight off an illness, which would put them under the literal weather happening on the ship's deck. I felt pretty inspired to look for a great idiom source today, and The Phrase Finder was the best that I came across. Another idiom I have always loved is the bee's knees, which according the The Phrase Finder became popular during the 1920's among flappers. Apparently, their love for creating phrases from nonsense or rhyming words also spurned the phrase the cat's whiskers.



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