Friday, July 15, 2011

the head and the heart

It's Friday! I am really excited to share today's music choice.  I absolutely love this Seattle based band, The Head and the Heart. Their music completely transports me to the Georgia hills and camping in college. I have no idea why that is what I see when I hear their music, since it is very different from the music I listened to then. However, it just is, and I love it!

I have been checking their site for tour info, and they have recently added more shows to their schedule. So check it out if you would like to see them live. While I was on their site I read through their bio. I love to read the story behind the band. I always find the events leading up to a band forming fascinating. I thought their bio was really well written, and gave so much insight into what The Head and The Heart are all about. I particularly loved the following,

"These are songs about crossing rivers and roads to get to the one you love, 
about family far away, and the desire to chase Technicolor dreams down foreign horizons." -Heather Browne

I hope you all enjoy the song, it's my favorite. Have a wonderful weekend!

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