Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the band

As I was catching up on blogs this weekend, I came across a post on The Beat My Heart Skipped about BHLDN. They have included a timeline with the history of the wedding band on their site, and I found it really interesting. I thought I would share some of the parts I liked best.

The gold standard: Medieval Europe predominantly gave gold bands and often with gemstones in them...
sapphires: for the sky and eternity 
diamonds: for a love that's indestructible
rubies: for love

In 17th CenturyEngland and France "posy rings" made of silver became the height of wedding band fashion. The word "posy" refers to the love poem inscribed inside the band. 

photo & text via BHLDN

I found a few examples of the poems found on posy rings. A few of my favorites were...

dear love of mine my heart is thine
hope is the life of love - British Museum 16th or 17th century
forget me not - National Museum of Ireland

You can find the entire wedding band timeline here. Also, the article on posy rings is here.

If you are looking for wedding inspiration BHLDN is a great place to check out. Also, if you are in Texas they are about to open their first shop in Houston on August 18th!

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