Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Great Book of John

While I usually save music posts for Fridays, I just had to share the exciting news today! Some of our friends from Alabama recently signed onto a record label. The band is The Great Book of John, and we have long loved their music. When we still lived in Alabama, we would drive down to Birmingham to watch their shows. Ryno and I even got to attend their debut album release, Yves' Blues, show at The Bottle Tree.  So it is very exciting that they are releasing an album on the Communicating Vessels label August 16th, and I wanted to share their music video with you. If you enjoy what you hear you can visit Communicating Vessels' site, they are offering a free download of Never Tear Us Apart. Also, they will be touring the Southeast if you want to check out a show their schedule is here.

Never Tear Us Apart by The Great Book of John

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