Monday, August 8, 2011

hot child in the city

We had such a relaxing weekend, which has oddly become the norm for us. I am accustomed to summer being a busy time with all the vacation travel that seems synonymous with summer. However, this year we have our vacations planned for the fall, so we find ourselves spending time at home. It's kind of amazing.

Since there was a city-wide heat advisory Saturday and Sunday, we primarily stayed indoors. Although, E did get his dog park day. He was pretty much over it after half an hour though. He does this funny thing when he gets hot; it's like he forgets how to drink water properly. Instead he thrusts his entire head into the water bowl, mouth wide open. We aren't sure he even gets any water this way, but it seems to be his preferred method.

Other than the park our big highlight to our weekend was pancakes. Not any pancakes, but Kerbey Lane Raspberry special pancakes! They were scrumptious.

It's funny, all weekend I kept singing Hot Child in the City by Nick Gilder. The heat advisory kept making me think of that Sex in the City episode called Hot Child in the City. Do you remember it? It's a favorite of mine.

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