Monday, August 1, 2011

my bicyclette

Well, my big weekend news is that I bought a bicycle, and it is beautiful! How did this happen, you may wonder as I was repurposing my dad's vintage bicycle for myself. Since I had a four day weekend from work, I was able to go on the evening social bike ride through Austin with Ryno, his brother and a hundred strangers. The group started on east side and we ended up in South Austin. To ensure my enjoyment Ryno lent me his bike while he rode my dad's, which I struggle with when changing gears. During the course of the ride, the seat tore apart leaving Ryno literally sitting on the metal bar of the saddle. Also, the pedals started warping and coming loose. So by the end of it all we had a very long repair list for the bike, and Ryno thought it would just make the most sense to get me a bike I could really start riding on again. Then we can repair my dad's bike together when we have time. I will share a photo of my bike once I get one on was a bit hot this weekend to be out while the sun was up! Here are a few photos of the social ride we went on together.

As for the rest of the weekend, we saw Harry Potter part II, worked on our garden and enjoyed some delicious sno cones.

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