Monday, September 26, 2011

company and festivals

It's only Monday and it's already been a busy week. I left work, picked up Elton and Ryno and we headed to a friend's place. I helped her gather some inspiration and ideas for displaying the jewelry she designs. Her stuff is really lovely. It was a lot of fun just to throw around some ideas and play with some pieces she had collected for the display.

Ryno's parents were visiting this past weekend, and we had a lot of fun checking out all the festivals and the free museum day happening over the weekend. We finally made it to the Blanton, which I really enjoyed. The museum itself is really pretty and it has a nice collection. We also went to the Pecan Street Festival, which is held on 6th Street. It is an art and music festival. Ryno's mom and I walked along the booths until it got too hot for Elton. She bought me a Mexican Chocolate and Spice soap that smells delicious. We also went kayaking on the lake; the weather was perfect for it. Elton jumped in the water three times! He doesn't seem to learn the water is freezing cold. The big event though, was Esther's Follies. It is a local comedy show that is comprised of a lot of skits with some audience participation. We chose seats in the back, since no one in our group really wanted to end up on stage. We all laughed a lot, and it was lots of fun all around.

photos at the Blanton