Wednesday, October 5, 2011

sweet home alabama

Today we officially sold our house! We signed all the papers and turned in the keys to the new homeowners this morning. It was somewhat surreal, since we weren't actually there for the signing over portion. Instead, I received an email saying everything was taken care of; Ryno and I sold our first home. It was a lovely first home, unfortunately it was just in a state we no longer live in anymore. Last month, we went back to pack up the remaining furniture we left behind to stage the house, and yesterday that furniture arrived. It was perfect that our things made it to our new place right before we said goodbye to our old one. We stayed up last night arranging furniture and making things feel more like home here. It was really rewarding and surprising what a difference those first additions made to the space. We still have a lot to unpack this weekend, but I am excited to start opening boxes.

Me at our house on our most recent visit 
standing with the tree we planted

As for our weekend we spent some a lot of time preparing for everything to arrive. So it's been a lot of moving furniture around. However, we did have a nice little break to grab pizza on Eastside and take Elton to the dog park. He had his play date with the other Boston Terriers this weekend. Quite a few of the spring puppies were older and ready to play. He had one puppy that was completely enamored with him and followed him all around the park. It was the first time I have ever seen Elton in need of some extra energy to keep up!

Elton, Elton & Zoe, the puppy that
followed E around (photos on my android)