Thursday, November 17, 2011

dooter's trunk

Ryno and I had so much fun last weekend at East Austin Studio Tours, and we are planning to go back this weekend on bikes. I am already working on planning our route. Last weekend we were able to chat with some of the artists, and we both thought Dooter's Scooter by the company Dooter's Trunk was a brilliant idea. They make the only balance bike made in the US. The concept is that kids can learn to ride a bike at their own pace. They start by pushing themselves on the bike and eventually grow to balancing and coasting on it. As someone that remembers the fear of learning to ride a bike, this seems like such a great way to ease into the idea of balancing on two wheels. Plus they are really lovely looking. The wooden frame and sweet logo drew me in immediately. Wouldn't this be a fun first bike?