Friday, November 25, 2011

happy strangers

Yesterday, while I was becoming completely addicted to kickstarter, I came across a project I found really interesting. Katie O'Bierne is working on a photography project. She leaves disposable cameras around New York City parks. She takes a disposable camera to the park and ties it to a park bench with a note asking people to take a photograph. Her results are really lovely. I've always loved photography and wished that I had been brave enough to go that route. One of the things I find the most inspiring about her work is that she is able to photograph strangers without them giving that look that says "Why are you taking a photo of me?" Personally, I always found it hard to get a nice candid shot of complete strangers looking relaxed. Her photographs are just that, happy strangers. I also love that she has been able to inspire so many others to get involved with her project and now has cameras in parks all over the world. The ultimate goal of her project is to put on an art show of the work she has accumulated through the project. She is planning to have the show in New York, and I think it would be an amazing show to be able to attend. You can check out her photo series so far on her Tumblr page. I've also included a few my favorites. Would you participate if you found a camera in a park? If you are in New York, she hints as to where a few of the last cameras will be placed.

katie launching a camera

all photos from Katie O'Bierne