Monday, November 28, 2011

holiday preparations

A few weeks ago I won a Bucilla Christmas tree skirt kit from my first ever eBay bid. I was really excited, because when I first started thinking of what I needed to prepare for our first Christmas at home the tree skirt was at the top of my list. My mom sewed all of our stockings from Bucilla patterns when we were babies, so I wanted to make sure the tree skirt had the same happy, holiday feel that the stockings do. Ryno also has a Bucilla stocking that my mom, sister and I worked on together before his first Christmas at my parents' house. I really love them, and I remember always being so proud to hang my stocking as a kid (it was my favorite part). I was able to get started this weekend, but first I had to get a new pair of sewing scissors. I always start small sewing projects, but I thought since this was an heirloom type of project I should really invest in a good pair of scissors. This was just the excuse I have been waiting for to buy Gingher scissors; I practically skipped to the checkout counter! You can see in the last photo all the pieces included in the kit. The pattern is traced on the felt and numbered to coordinate with the one page instructions. I've started with the embroidery portion, and then I get to start cutting out the pieces! I can't wait to see it come together. I'll keep you posted as to how I'm progressing.

As for the rest of Thanksgiving, I took Elton on a lot of walks. We were able to watch lots of our neighbors' start decorating their houses for Christmas. The big meal I made for Thanksgiving was fish tacos. My family always does fajitas, so I opted to simplify it a bit. It was very delicious. I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving with your families and friends!