Wednesday, November 2, 2011

lessons from my dad

Today I was telling a story at work about learning to drive, and I remembered some of the lessons I had from my dad. In Illinois, where I was learning to drive, they required a lot of hours in the car with an adult, so both of my parents got to trade off in taking me out on the road. Mom spent a lot of time using an imaginary break, but my dad took another approach. He would have me drive out to my school parking lot on the weekends and practice what to do when I hit patches of ice. Basically, I would lose control of the car and it was meant to teach me to stay calm in those situations. He would also have me edge to the shoulder of the road and told me to say when I was about to reach the white line. Lots of the lessons revolved around learning to drive based on good instincts and paying attention to the feel of the vehicle. I know it was a great method for me, and I learned a lot from his thought out lesson plans. Still it is funny to think about being a teenager and having your dad say "Okay, today let's find some ice to slide on."