Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry christmas...

 you and yours! I hope you are all having a lovely Christmas. We had a wonderful evening filled with music, dinner, presents and family. It was so great to have my family fly in today and Ryno's brother join our little party as well. We were even able to talk with Ryno's family last night and tonight via video chat, which was really nice.

Ryno and I put up our Christmas tree last night (we bought it the day before...we were a little behind). We had so much fun hand making some of our decorations, and Ryno had to do a few quick electrical repairs to bring our lights back to life. After working through all the technical difficulties we were able to enjoy putting up our ornaments on our first ever tree. We discovered we have a lot of ornaments we didn't even know about, since both of our moms packed us ornament boxes when we first got married. It was neat to see all of our ornaments combined together and to hang the Mount Vernon ornaments my parents give us yearly for our anniversary. I will share more tree decorating photos once I pull them from our Canon.

Until then above is our Christmas postcard. We took the photo in early November right when the weather started to feel a bit wintery. Ryno and I worked on making our Texas chalkboard together one weekend. We traced the outline and then took turns cutting it out of wood with our jigsaw. Finally, we used chalkboard paint to coat it and white chalk to write our holiday message. We had a lot of fun trying out different locations throughout town, and Elton got some of his favorite treats for his very good behavior throughout the process. We are planning to convert it to a hanging chalkboard that we can leave notes on by the door.

Again, Merry Christmas to you all!