Monday, December 19, 2011

touring magnolia city

We road tripped to Houston (aka magnolia city) a couple weekends ago to visit friends and see their place. We had a few activities planned, but we also had some downtime to catch-up over good meals. The night we arrived we went to their favorite sushi bar. It was delicious and for dessert we all shared fried Oreos! Saturday we met up with another friend from college and went to the Nutcracker ballet. Afterwards we checked out a few bars. One of the bars we went to had stained glass lamps covering the ceiling; it was really beautiful.

Before leaving Sunday afternoon we went to the Houston Zoo. My parents tell me we went there when I was a kid, but I didn't recognize any part of it. It was much larger than I expected. Also, we saw an animal we had never seen before, the Okapi. The sign said they had only been discovered in the 1900s, which I thought was pretty amazing. I tried to get a photo of L with it since it was her favorite, but it  turned and showed its behind just then. It was a great weekend with friends and we can't wait to get together again in the new year!