Thursday, January 12, 2012

living with less

Have you heard of the zero-waste home? I was reading some old re-nest articles over the weekend when I came across an on-going project inspired by a family in California that is attempting to live with less. You can check out the Johnson's blog here if you want to follow their process. I find what they have accomplished very inspiring, because while I hate having clutter, I am not great at parting with things. I try to limit what I bring into our home, but I think it is amazing that they have been able to entirely eliminate garbage from their home. Everything they use is either recycled, donated or composted.

While I think such a drastic adjustment to our current lifestyle may be overwhelming, I am hoping to follow a condensed version of the re-nest agenda to implement some change in our consumption habits.

Agenda from re-nest:
week 1: setting the agenda
week 2: closets, clothes and coats
week 3: closets, linens
week 4: office, books and magazines
week 5: office, files and documents
week 6: bathroom, medicine cabinets
week 7: kitchen, cooking utensils
week 8: kitchen, dining ware
week 9: kitchen, serving ware
week 10: cleaning supplies

I only have a week to dedicate to this project, so I am going to try to impact the areas of our home that require the most attention. My week will involve de-cluttering our kitchen, bathrooms, garage and closets. I will follow up after I finish in the beginning of February.