Monday, January 9, 2012

seeing spots

The weekend started out with big plans of accomplishing a lot around the house. We need to take down our Christmas tree for starters (eek!). However, it was our first weekend without any plans in awhile, so we decided to take it easy. Friday we met friends for pizza at a fun byob place on the Eastside. Then on Sunday we took Elton to see his friends at the dog park. We learned that the Boston Terrier group is now followed by a Great Dane dog group, which was thrilling for Elton. He has loved every Great Dane he has met since he was a puppy. It's always fun to watch them tower over him, but surprisingly he has a similar play style and it just seems to work. Without fail he found an adorable black and white Dane puppy that wanted to run and pounce around with him on Sunday. We also got to see his girlfriend, which is always fun for us to see them playing together.

I have some plans to hunt for wedding inspiration this week. So many friends have gotten engaged recently, and I am thrilled to help find some fun ideas for them to incorporate in their celebrations. If I come across anything good, I'll share it here too!