Friday, March 30, 2012

alabama shakes

Tonight, I'm helping a friend with some of her wedding decorations and then Ryno and I are going to an art show this weekend. Also, my dad will be coming in town this weekend to visit and help with some home repairs. I'm hoping to have a chance to gain some more home repair knowledge from him during this visit. I believe he will be changing out some faucet fixtures, so I may try to follow along with the process.

I listen to a local radio show, and the main host mentioned he has what he calls Pinterest Sundays with his girlfriend. They select recipes from Pinterest and make them for Sunday dinner. Then they decide whether it was a failure or success. I have tried a couple of recipes on Pinterest, but I thought it could be fun to make a weekly adventure out of it.

For the Friday Music bit, I thought I would share a band from Decatur, AL called Alabama Shakes. They were recently here for SXSW, but we unfortunately weren't able to see them. Hopefully, they will be back in Austin soon. Ryno and I were so excited to see a band so close to where we lived in Huntsville having so much success. We only wish we had known of them when we still lived there. Enjoy!