Monday, March 12, 2012

leave me like you found me

Over the weekend Ryno and I went to the premier of his friend, Adele's film, Leave Me Like You Found Me. Lucky for us, the film was premiering here at SXSW and Adele, who wrote and directed the film, was able to get us tickets to see the opening at The Ritz Theater. It was so exciting to see her film and to be there for the q&a that followed. She talked about how the location for the film was inspired by a camping trip to the Sequoia Forest with her dad. We also went to the after party that was held at The Ginger Man. Ryno grew up with Adele, so it gave him a chance to catch up with her parents and for me to meet them.

If you have a chance to see the film, I definitely recommend it. They shot the entire film in two weeks and it was really beautiful. Also, the story was something I think everyone that has been in a relationship can relate to in some way.

ps- I wish I had taken more photos, but these are during the q&a. In the first shot Adele is standing between the two actors on the right and the crew on the left.