Thursday, April 26, 2012

be happy

The other day Ryno sent me a lifehacker article that I found interesting and inspiring. The article shares a story of how a nurse, Bronnie Ware, working with dying patients cataloged their regrets to share with others, and how two bloggers/designers, Paul Graham & Alice Lee, each found a way to present the list of regrets into a list of life commands. The result was a desktop wallpaper created by Alice Lee to be used as a reminder to apply the list in our daily lives. I thought it was worth sharing, and I pinned the image as a reminder for myself. I know the two commands I can definitely work on are "say what you think" and "don't ignore your dreams." Ryno and I were listening to a TED Talk last night that also touched on not ignoring dreams. The speaker asked everyone to think of what they would do if they knew they couldn't fail, and I thought it was an interesting idea that sometimes we forget the fear of failure can have a significant impact on our choices in life.

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