Monday, April 9, 2012

easter and a wedding

I hope you all had a Happy Easter! Unfortunately it was a short-lived affair with Instagram as they were sold to Facebook for a billion dollars today. Congrats to the folks at Instagram, but as for me I will be heading back to Lightbox. So here is the first and last of my Instagram photos to share from Easter and a couple days prior. We spent Easter on our porch hanging out with friends, throwing cascarones (eggs filled with confetti), and feeding Elton the Easter Bunny's carrots.

Also, I spent Saturday setting up my friend Ashley's wedding. My dad and Ryno came with me to The French Legation where they hung lights while I set the dining table & room decor. I also made some extra decorative ball jars to add in the mix. The jars I made are the milky pink and gold jars. I added some of the candle lights to them, so they would have a soft glow. The room was very intimate and it looked lovely covered in lights and flowers. Also, aren't the felt garlands Ashley made for their chairs adorable?