Thursday, May 3, 2012

for the love of mrs meyers

A few months ago a friend introduced me to Mrs. Meyers cleaning products. The first time I saw the clean, simple packaging of Mrs. Meyer's brand I instantly loved the aesthetic, but I was afraid the products would be too weak for tough cleaning. Cut to a couple months ago, my friend and I were discussing cleaning routines when she mentioned she used Mrs. Meyer's and encouraged me to try it. I went out and bought three hand soaps all in different scents. Ryno agreed that he really liked the clean scents, and we decided to buy some dish soap as well. The next item on my list is their dryer sheets. As I run out of a cleaner I am replacing them with Mrs. Meyer's.

Mrs. Meyers was developed by Thelma Meyer's daughter, Monica. She named her product after her mother, since it was her mother's garden that inspired her to develop a product that would smell as fresh as a garden. You can read all about their brand and products here. I've included the video with Thelma; I love when she says people should have a happy medium and not expect perfectionism in their home. It's so true!

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