Thursday, May 31, 2012

Girls Guild

My friend, Sarah, sent me an Apartment Therapy article today. The article was a house guide for Cheyenne Weaver, a local Austin artist. Oddly enough another friend told me about another local artist, Maura Ambrose. What they have in common is they are both members (Cheyenne is also the founder) of Girls Guild, a new community that allows local lady artists to share their skills with the Austin community through classes. I immediately registered for their newsletter, and I can't wait to find ways I can become involved in the Girls Guild community. While I am designing, building and creating every day, it is always at my day job, which unfortunately means I don't have my own work to share. However, it is truly my goal to find a way in which I can still contribute and be involved with the amazing local artist community here in Austin. I definitely recommend checking out Girls Guild; they have some exciting upcoming classes and the artists' work is very inspiring.

artist: Maura Ambrose via Folk Fibers

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