Sunday, May 6, 2012

happy anniversary!

As part of our 5 year anniversary celebration, we decided to have anniversary photos taken together. We agreed that since Austin is going to be our permanent home, photos in some of our favorite places in Austin would be a great way to have a lasting memory of our first few years here together. At first, I came up with a big presentation to sell Ryno on the idea, but he immediately loved the idea. The fact that he was as committed to the plan as I was made the entire experience really perfect.

Next, I set out to find a local photographer, which I thought would be a bit overwhelming. I have always loved photography, and I knew there would be some amazing photographers to choose from in Austin. However, as soon as I saw Tara Welch's work on Style Me Pretty, I was immediately taken with her photos. I jumped over to her website and went through each album in her archive; her work just seemed to fit our style so well. I contacted Tara and we arranged to meet on May 1st. We sent her a list of a few places we liked in Austin and agreed to meet at the Pfluger pedestrian bridge. It was so exciting how well everything fell into place!

Since I was the one really pushing for this idea, one would think I would be the most relaxed with the idea of having photos taken. However, I am terrible at it and always prefer to be the one photographing others, which is why there are usually way more photos of Ryno on this site than me. Tara was great about making us (mainly me) feel more at ease. She has such a natural approach that I very much appreciated. Tara never made us feel rushed, and she offered to go to other locations if we wanted. We suggested ending the day with tacos and agua fresca at El Chilito. Tara took some night shots there, that turned out really well. She was also nice enough to send me some photos early, so I could share them here! I will share more once we have the final shots in a few weeks. We absolutely love the sneak peek and can't wait to see the others! Thank you so much for everything Tara!

all photos by Tara Welch::contact

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