Tuesday, July 17, 2012

it's a nice day for a white wedding

It's funny how sometimes small things line up in life, and while they have no true impact it may just bring a smile and chuckle to your day. Yesterday one of my dear friends asked for my opinion on whether she should hire a videographer for her wedding. We did not use a videographer and it wasn't until this past Sunday afternoon, when I was hanging photos (I finally printed and framed) from our wedding, that I actually had any second thoughts about that choice. The fact that she asked me the very next day made me laugh out loud. As I explained to her, my regret was fairly fleeting, and if Ryno and I were to renew our vows or something tomorrow I still wouldn't choose to have it recorded on video by a professional. However, I would consider having a friend film a small portion of the ceremony & vows. My intention is not to knock videographers, I have seen some amazing wedding videos. My favorite is here, by Elysium Productions. I think their Rock n' Roll same day edit videos are fantastic. My reasoning is that I personally enjoy remembering the day the way I experienced it. Did you use a videographer? Would you recommend others hire a videographer for their big day?

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Madeth said...

White weddings have always been the photographer's friend. Most wedding photographers in Perth have fun shooting an all white ceremony.