Monday, July 30, 2012

summer roadtrip

Ryno and I just returned from our summer vacation to Dallas and the surrounding cities. We stayed in downtown Dallas with the intention of walking everywhere, however, the triple digits quickly changed our plans. Instead we spent a lot of time visiting museums and reserving outdoor activities for early mornings. The first night we caught a ball game in Arlington, the Rangers played the Red Sox and won. The next day we spent at the Fort Worth Zoo and art museums. After returning to Dallas we met our friends, Sara & Taylor, for dinner. Afterwards, they took us to the Deep Ellum Brewery for a beer tasting. Some of the other highlights were drinks with friends at Common Table...Skittle Sangria to be exact (a favorite ever since Sara introduced them to me on our last visit & Christy may be hooked now too!), Chihuly at the Arboretum and spending Saturday afternoon watching the 2012 Olympics. I also was able to play with StreamZoo a lot, and I'm really enjoying it. I thought I'd share some of the favorite photos we took on our trip.

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