Friday, September 14, 2012

if you're gone

It's been so busy ever since we returned from vacation in Utah. I think Ryno and I had hopes of easing back into work and life again, but we pretty much have gone non-stop since we got back. It's all been super fun though, so that makes it worth it. We finally got to check out G'Raj Mahal near Rainey Street; it was really fun with great Indian food. We love Indian restaurants and G'Raj Mahal is all outdoor dining in a laid back atmosphere, which makes it pretty much perfect.
via G'Raj Mahal
We also finally got to meet our friends' new puppy, Brisket. He is adorable, and Elton had the best time playing with him. I promise to snap some pics of him at future play dates and share. Ryno and I agreed that he looks like a cartoon dog, but we can't place which one. His face is so expressive, and when he pants his tongue droops from the side of his cute!

This weekend one of my friends I met when I was 8 is going to be in town with her husband and sister. They are visiting from NYC, and I'm so excited to see them and spend time hanging out together.

Also, my mom had her birthday this week, so Happy Birthday Mom!

Lastly, the Friday music pick is going to be 'If You're Gone' by Matchbox 20, because I've been completely reliving the 90's music scene lately, not really sure why... nostalgia I guess. Also, I love some of their lyrics. My favorite in this one is "I bet you're hard to get over, I bet the room just won't shine," ...pure gold. Have a great weekend!

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