Monday, September 10, 2012

the beehive state

Utah State Capitol

We're back from our vacation to Utah! Did you know their emblem is the beehive? Neither Ryno or I had ever been to Utah before, so we explored a lot on our trip. We flew into Salt Lake City on Wednesday. The first place we went was Red Butte Gardens on The University of Utah's campus. It was a really nice garden; they took full advantage of the mountain views and had an amazing fragrance garden full of hummingbirds. Thursday morning we went to the state capitol and the Family History Library. I love libraries, so when the Family History Center was listed in the top five attractions I felt a need to at least see it. Little did I know I would be completely sucked in by the library. When you arrive the staff assigns you a helper to get you started on their computer system. Essentially, the entire reason you go is to work on researching your family tree. For some reason I thought this would involve books and paper documents to rifle through, however, it's primarily through Ryno and I found census documents on our families that would lead to other family members. Our plan to only stay thirty minutes turned into two hours. Our helper was in his sixties and he had a great sense of humor that made the experience really fun for us. After we wrapped up our research we headed to Park City, Utah. Ryno's college friend, Matthew, was having his wedding there.

Ryno at the Utah State Capitol
High West Distillery & Saloon

The wedding was really beautiful; the ceremony took place on a mountain in Park City. The reception followed at The Sky Lodge, and it was so fun and full of shenanigans. I don't have any photos, since so many of our friends were taking pictures, but I'll share some when I get them. It was so much fun to see  our friends from school, and we had a great time visiting with everyone over the long weekend!

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