Tuesday, October 9, 2012

hot chocolate

Belgian hot chocolate to be exact...

At the end of last week I noticed I wasn't feeling up to my best and by the weekend I was completely under the weather. I missed work yesterday and fought through it today. Therefore, I don't have much to share from our weekend. Ryno cheered for his beloved Reds during their two games against the Giants this weekend, and I either slept or watched rom-coms.

As for the hot chocolate, it's one of two things I want when I'm ill, the other is grilled cheese. I requested both from Ryno this weekend, and I found this recipe for Belgian hot chocolate that he (very sweetly) made for me. I know for certain hot chocolate is not the healthiest thing to have when your sick, but to me it's a fun treat and the warm milk soothes my throat. What do you love when you're not feeling your best?


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