Tuesday, November 27, 2012

home again

It's nice to be back in Austin. Yesterday the weather was wild, it actually reached 80 degrees. Today, has been a reality check with grey skies and the temperature hovering around the 50's...brrrrrrr! While we were home in Virginia for the holiday we day-tripped to Pennsylvania to have lunch with my sister at the cafe in Terrain. It was a fun trip, and I enjoyed seeing Terrain decorated for the holidays.

Before the trip home, I was in Tennessee for work. While I was there a few friends and I stopped by Imogene and Willie, the denim brand based in Nashville. The store was fantastic, and everyone was so friendly and helpful. The best part is that they tailor your jeans while you wait. It's definitely a fun spot to visit if you find yourself in Nashville.


ps- I bought the green bowls..love!

imogene & willie

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