Monday, November 5, 2012

weekend hikes and hope floats

Ryno and I had a nice weekend of exploring. We woke up Saturday both wanting to get out and see something new. We thought it would be great to check out some parks in the area, however, it turns out a lot of the local parks don't allow dogs. Since we wanted to take Elton along, that was a deal breaker. We finally decided on Bastrop State Park, which was hit hard with wildfires last summer. I guess I expected more of the park to have recovered by this point, which I realized was pretty naive once we arrived. Everything is still black from the fires, and while there is some new growth on the ground, hardly any of the trees have pine needles on them. It was eerie and fascinating at the same time.

Check out Elton's little backpack we bought him for hiking. He carried his own snacks; it was adorable and he didn't mind it at all.

After our hike, we went to find lunch in Smithville, TX. The barbecue place we wanted to try was closed, so we headed to downtown Bastrop. Smithville is the town where Hope Floats was filmed. I LOVE Hope Floats, and I've been wanting to visit Smithville since we moved to Austin. It was very cute!

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