Thursday, December 6, 2012

lost and found

Yesterday when I came home this cute pup was hanging out on my patio.

He wondered into our yard after lunch, and Ryno said he came right up to him. Since he didn't have a name or number on his collar, we had to walk door to door asking neighbors if they recognized him. He was really well-trained and super friendly, however, none of our neighbors had ever seen him. We decided to leave our block to try another street. We were standing on the side of the road trying to decide where to go next when a woman shouted out her car window that it was her pup. We were glad to help reunite the owner and her dog. However, what we didn't say but wish we had was that a name tag would have helped get him home much sooner.

In the spirit of useful dog accessories I thought I would share a collar we just ordered for Elton, and the style of name tag we use for him.
boomerang tags

see scout sleep

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