Monday, January 21, 2013

happy happy happy

We celebrated my parents' 40th anniversary and my birthday this weekend. Saturday we all went two-stepping together. We went early to catch lessons, which proved really entertaining. They had us all split up and make a large circle, every time they taught us a new piece of the dance we would have to rotate partners. I think I had six or seven different partners. The funny part was my mom was right behind me, so everyone I danced with she danced with. The small talk I was having seemed to carry over to my mom and once our little group got back together we were laughing about the game of "telephone" that was basically happening on the dance floor. Also, I had a few vertically challenged partners that told my mom they were happy she was more their size. It was a really fun night, and I think we will be going back soon!

For the birthday/anniversary night we had a nice dinner and snapped some pictures together. Aren't my parents too cute! I love that they matched! Happy 40 years Mom and Dad!

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