Thursday, February 7, 2013

color me happy

Have I ever mentioned my love for Sephora? I would guess it was about five years ago that my parents gave me a gift card to Sephora for Valentine's day, and I've been hooked ever since. I'm going to be in a wedding in Puerto Rico this spring, and I wanted some advice on the make-up I should use for the wedding. I am definitely a girl that sports the no make-up look for my day-to-day, so anytime I have to do my own make-up for big events I get a little nervous. For this particular wedding, the dress is so similar to my skin tone that I have been completely freaked out as far as color choices for things like eye shadow and lipstick. I signed up for a consultation at Sephora, and the lady that helped me was extremely patient and informative. She didn't seem to believe me when I told her I had no idea how to use eye-liner, and I'm fairly certain they were all thoroughly amused by my naivety within the range of make-up products. I specifically recall a discussion about bronzer that caused some jaws to drop. All the same, I left feeling really prepared to mimic what she did in the shop. Minus a few mishaps with eye-liner I've been able to accomplish the basics at least. My favorite products that she showed me have been the Smashbox liquid liner pen, the Stila light palette eye shadow and the Smashbox brow pen. Also, I feel like the world of make-up brushes has really opened up for me. It was definitely a great experience for me, but just a heads up they require a $50 purchase (could be in the form of a gift card) for the consultation.

*A photo of the complete look, so I'll know if I get the same result.

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