Monday, February 4, 2013


Ryno and I took it pretty easy this weekend.  I can't seem to completely kick the cold I had last week. I'm feeling a lot better, but I really needed to catch up on sleep. We did get out a bit more though. I had plans to get my haircut, and we wanted Elton to have a chance to play at the park while the weather was so nice. We also made a quick trip to IKEA for some garden pots. Ryno and I got a grapefruit tree from my parents for our 5th anniversary. The gift for your fifth is wood, so they had offered to buy us a tree. We weren't able to find a large enough pot at IKEA, so we're going to check out some garden centers to see what we can find. I'll share a photo once we are able to repot it. Also, my dad finished my terrarium before they left, and now I need to find the right succulents to go in it. Have you seen the new terrariums at West Elm? I may buy one to pair with my stained glass terrarium. I have the feeling this one terrarium is going to send me into a terrarium collecting spree.

my terrarium in the making



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