Monday, April 15, 2013

honey, I'm home

Ryno picked up his bees on Saturday from a local farm called Boggy Creek Farm. I've been once before for their weekday farmer's market, however, Ryno went solo on this trip. I couldn't bear the idea of being locked in a car with bees even if they were contained. He took my advice and drove the truck, which turned out to be a good idea. He said the box the bees were delivered in had a bunch of other bees flying around the outside of it, so he placed them in the truck bed and drove home.

A few friends volunteered to help Ryno with the transfer of the bees from the temporary box to the permanent hive he built. We had three people in some sort of bee gear from veils to full suits. After hearing that everything went smoothly and no one was stung, I was willing to go closer and check out the bees in their home. It really is fascinating to watch them circle the hive to map its location before leaving to collect.

I'm really enjoying watching the process (mostly from afar). It is very fascinating, and I can see why Ryno finds it all so interesting. I'm excited to see how it all progresses and to continue to find more bee and honey puns for these posts.

My friend, Tiffany, was willing to share some photos of her and Brad in the bee gear on Saturday.
Also, Ryno took a nice photo up close to the hive, and I got a shot of him with his smoker.

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