Monday, April 29, 2013

iron & wood

Ryno and I had our 6 year anniversary yesterday; the traditional gifts are iron & wood. We agreed no gifts this year, since we are saving for a trip. However, Ryno planned a very thoughtful day for us. We started with lunch at Mellow Mushroom; an oldie from our Atlanta days. We then went to see a play called And the Beat Goes On at Zach Theatre. It's the playhouse in Austin, and they just reopened their new building this year. It's a great venue, and we really enjoyed checking it out. Ryno planned a few months ahead, so we had amazing seats for the show! After the show we had a delicious dinner at Uchiko. It's a well-reviewed sushi restaurant in Austin, and we've had the best of intentions to try it ever since it opened. Unfortunately, we are rarely so well-planned for our dinner excursions that we think to make a reservation a month out. Uchiko definitely lived up to all the rave reviews we've read. We were pleasantly surprised by the superior pairings created in every dish we ordered. Our waiter, Logan, was so helpful with his recommendations, and in the end we decided the three dishes he suggested were our favorites. The dishes were the suzuki yaki, pork jowl & the jar jar duck. Ryno also had a piece of nigiri primarily consisting of beef tongue that he is set to go back for soon. The interior of the restaurant is also very impressive, and we agreed it would be a great spot for happy hour.

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